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Version: v1.23.x LTS

Information roadmap for Zowe Application Framework

Information roadmap for Zowe Application Framework

This roadmap outlines information resources that are applicable to the various user roles who are interested in Zowe Application Framework. These resources provide information about various subject areas, such as learning basic skills, installation, developing, and troubleshooting for Zowe Application Framework.

The following definition of skill levels about Zowe will help you gather most relevant resources for you.

  • Beginner: You're starting out and want to learn the fundamentals.
  • Intermediate: You have some experience but want to learn more in-depth skills.
  • Advanced: You have lots of experience and are looking to learn about specialized topics.


Zowe skill level: Beginner


Zowe skill level: Beginner

  • System requirements

    Review this topic to ensure that your system meets the requirements for installing the Zowe Application Framework. Zowe Application Framework is one of the server-side components.

  • Planning

    This article provides details about planning for the installation, the Zowe z/OS launch process, and so on.

  • Installing Zowe Application Framework

    This article provides an overview of the essential steps involved in installing Zowe Application Framework. If you want to use Docker for the installation, instead follow the link below.

  • Installing Zowe Application Framework using Docker

    Learn how to use Docker to install Zowe.

Configuring and updating#

Zowe skill level: Intermediate

  • Configuring Zowe Application Framework

    This information describes how to configure the Zowe Application Framework as a Mediation Layer client, configure connections for the terminal application plug-ins, modify the Zowe Application Server and Zowe System Services (ZSS) configuration, and so on.

  • Upgrading the z/OS system for Zowe

    Learn how to upgrade Zowe API Mediation Layer to a more recent version.

Using Zowe Application Framework#

Zowe skill level: Intermediate

Developing Zowe Desktop plug-ins#

Zowe skill level: Advanced

  • Developing for Zowe Application Framework

    Learn how you can extend the Zowe Application Framework by adding a plug-in to the Zowe Desktop.

  • Zowe Application Framework repository

    If you want to start working with the code immediately, check out this code repository.

  • Zowe App Server scripts

    This is the default setup of the Zowe App Server, built upon the zLUX framework. Within, you will find a collection of build, deploy, and run scripts as well as configuration files that will help you to configure a simple App Server and add a few Apps.


Contributing to Zowe Application Framework#

Zowe skill level: Advanced

  • Conformance Program

    This topic introduces the Zowe Conformance Program. Conformance provides Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), System Integrators (SIs), and end users greater confidence that their software will behave as expected. As vendors, you are invited to submit conformance testing results for review and approval by the Open Mainframe Project. If your company provides software based on Zowe CLI, you are encouraged to get certified today.

  • Blog: Zowe Conformance Program Explained

    This blog describes the Conformance Program in more details.

Troubleshooting and support#

  • Troubleshooting Zowe Application Framework

    Learn about the tools and techniques that are available to help you troubleshoot and resolve problems. You can also find a list of common issues about Zowe Application Framework.

  • Sumit an issue

    If you have an issue that is specific to Zowe Application Framework, you can submit an issue against the zlux repo.

Community resources#