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Zowe learning resources

Zowe learning resources

Learn more about Zowe from these blog posts, videos, and other resources.


Want to contribute a blog? Details for how to contribute to the Zowe blogs on Medium site are at Zowe Blog Guidelines.


As well as Zowe videos owned and managed by the community, there are a number of external youtubers who host Zowe related content.


Find out what's happening with Zowe in the Zowe Quarterly Update Webinar Series.

The OMP Youtube channel also offers other webinars about Zowe.


Join us on Slack

Learn more about the community

  • Zowe community GitHub repo

    Find out information about Zowe sub-projects, GitHub repos, mailing lists, community meeting minutes, contribution guidelines, and so on.

Connect with the community through meetings

  • Zowe meeting calendar

    You can join one of the Zowe meetings to get latest Zowe updates and get involved in different squads and initiatives.



  • Zowe Basics

    Interskill Learning offers a free training course that introduces the components that comprise Zowe and the benefits of using Zowe and how its capabilities can be extended.


  • Zowe trial

    The Zowe trial hosted by IBM is a fully configured z/OS environment with Zowe preinstalled and set up along with a set of integrated easy-to-follow tutorials that walk you through the basics of Zowe and gives you hands-on experience of extending Zowe. This no-charge trial is available in two hours for three days.

  • Get started with the Zowe Web UI

    This online tutorial hosted by IBM guides you to add new apps to the Zowe Web UI. It provides a public hosted Zowe instance that allows you to perform the steps in a z/OS environment.